Ross Parsley, Sr. Associate Pastor, New Life Church, Colorado Springs, CO. 
 “I am so proud of you and debi and how you invest in artists wherever you are. Your art is fabulous and your relationships are your strength! It is truly a pleasure to know you!”
 Rev. Byron Spradlin, President, Artists in Christian Testimony, Nashville, TN. 
“Engaging, encouraging, biblical, envisioning, delight-filled. debi painted an entire giant panel right before our eyes. Most of us have never seen a real artist paint in their presence. Dr. Michael & Dr. debi Story Maddox energized me with all these dynamics through their inspiring workshop on the role of Visual Arts in life and ministry. They also helped me deepen my longing to become more creatively close to the Lord and more fully alive and creative in the way I live for Him. Outstanding!”
Dr. Guy Bon Giovanni, Life Enrichment Ministries.  Past General Overseer, General Council, Christian Church of North America, Canfield, OH.
“I have known Brother Maddox for at least two decades, first observing his commendable leadership as Manager of Crusades for R.W. Schambach; later and more recently as he developed and directs his own Project Peace on Earth ministry. I have no hesitation in recommending Michael and debi Maddox. It’s quite apparent the Lord of Harvest has given them a most unique ministry, especially to the fine arts community. These are Servants of God who are diligent and successful in their ministries; people of integrity, team players in the larger Body of Christ and respectful of authorities.”
 Ruth Schofield, Embassy of the Prince of Peace.  Host of “The Washington Report” TV Program, Washington, D.C.
“I have known Mike and debi since 1979, and we have remained friends since that time. They are both deeply committed to Jesus Christ, which is evident in their daily walk. After many years in ministry, their testimony is faithful and consistent. The greatest gift they have given to the Body of Christ is their unfailing love, which they show to everyone, saved or unsaved. Michael has a tremendous gift of communication, which has brought success in various avenues of ministry. But most of all, Mike has a genuine trustworthiness, which makes him a valuable friend.”
 Dr. Charles Travis, Founder/President, Logos Global Network, Logos University, Jacksonville, FL. 
“I wish to take this opportunity to add my personal recommendation for my good friend, Rev. Maddox. I have known Michael for several years as a student, friend and fellow clergy. In addition he is an astute business person and has worked for several very large religious and humanitarian organizations in marketing and public relations. His character and personal life has always been stellar.”
 Thomas Harrison, General Manager, All American Network, Tulsa, OK.
“Michael, KDOR ‘TV 17 aired your television special. The program is fast-moving and a compelling thirty-minute story of faith and hope. The program is professionally produced, and the mood is positive and supportive. I am impressed by how little time was spent appealing for funds. Rather, this is a series of success stories from parents, children, business leaders, and law enforcement officers. You have done an excellent job communicating the vision and mission of your organization.”
 Dan Peek, Singer/Songwriter (America – Classic Rock Group). 
“What intrigued me, and led me to do the (radio) interview with Dr. Michael, was his down-home style of talking one-on-one. In fact, he reminds me of a soul-winning ‘Will Rogers’ character. Michael says, ‘Our ministry has always been directed toward introducing new agers, artists, and spiritual seekers to the Prince of Peace.’ I wholeheartedly support this description of the Project Peace on Earth ministry.”
 Jim Pearce, Producer/Director, Life Outreach International (James Robison), Fort Worth, TX. 
“We are moved by lives being changed by the power of God through humble servants, who are not looking for recognition, but rather continually seeking God’s direction for ministry. Blessings to you, debi, and your son for the great work that you are doing.”
Paul Dilena, Host of “Ordinary People” Program, KVTT Radio, Dallas, TX. Co-founder with David Wilkerson of Teen Challenge in NYC. 16 Years Chaplain, Police Department, Fort Worth, TX.
 “Michael and debi have no aspirations to become famous or rich; they are committed to helping others. Mike has been a guest on our two-hour radio interview program many (14) times, and he has helped many listeners. Mike is a very moral person, and he is honest, industrious, trustworthy, and compassionate.”
Barry Tubbs, Associate Minister, Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Fort Worth, TX. 
 “Your soul-winning efforts with your ministry are astonishing. I congratulate you for a job well done and rejoice with you as you continue in all that our Father has called you to do.”
Rev. Dave Johnson, Pastor, Calvary Chapel, Benton, AR. 
 “The great thing about Mike is his no-nonsense, down-to-earth way of sharing things on his heart. I have also found Michael and debi to be extremely perceptive of trends and movements within the Body of Christ, a quality that allows them to meet the needs of believers and speak to them in a way that is practical and relevant. They have proven to be very culturally aware, both in an artistic and spiritual sense. You will benefit from simply being around them and witnessing lives that have been completely surrendered to Jesus.”
Greg Eklund, President, Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International, Peoria, AZ.
 “At a time when few people understand the call to true discipleship and self-sacrifice, the Maddox’s have continuously set the pace through their self-effacing lifestyle and endless giving. Those of us who have found ourselves removed from the simplicity which is in Christ have much to learn from these two people.”
Rev. Norman Etnier, Pastor, Christian Fellowship, Decatur, IL. 
 “Line by line, and precept by precept, you showed how God’s word does not allow us to approach our life in Christ in a casual way. Rather, we were challenged to true discipleship in which we must devote our lives fully to Jesus Christ. You taught us more by what you do, by what you are and have demonstrated by your lifestyle.”
Mitch Manning, Pastor of Family Development, Covenant Church, Carrollton, TX. 
 “I highly recommend and endorse Michael and debi Maddox and their work at Project Peace on Earth. We have observed first hand the fruit of their ministry. We learned of their ministry after coming to the end of our capabilities and found them to be an answer to our church members’ prayers.”
Dr. R.W. Schambach, Schambach Ministries, Tyler, TX. 
 “Michael Maddox worked for my ministry for over nine years as a Crusade Director in setting up evangelistic meetings and working with pastors. Michael loves the Lord, and he is a soul winner.”
Paul Crouch, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Tustin, CA
 “Thank you for being a part of our ‘Praise the Lord’ family and sharing your ministry with our viewers. It is our prayer that God will continue to bless you as a channel of the Holy Spirit to communicate Christ to a needy world.”
Cindy Kemper - Guest Coordinator, Daystar TV Network, Dallas, TX
 “Thank you for being a part of our ‘Praise the Lord’ family and sharing your ministry with our viewers. It is our prayer that God will continue to bless you as a channel of the Holy Spirit to communicate Christ to a needy world.”
Jennifer Street, Program Director, WFHL-TV 23, Decatur, IL. 
 “Thanks for letting WFHL-TV broadcast the Project Peace on Earth special. ‘Simply… by Faith’ is put together very well. I found the show to be entertaining, holding its audience as it informed them of the important work your ministry is doing. The show is easy to watch, well-planned and thought-out. The overall production value is really top notch. I look forward to continuing to inform Central Illinois viewers about Project Peace on Earth.”
Rhea Fox, County Commissioner, Kaufman, TX
 “Parents, as well as the youth, have benefited from the counseling and events sponsored by Mike and debi. The special events held there have brought many people to Kaufman and familiarized them with our county. I feel that Michael and debi are serving a great and successful purpose here in Kaufman, and I am proud to have them located in my precinct.”
Eric Belcher, Director of the Institute, Christ For The Nations, Dallas, TX.
 “Thank you for your ministry to our students. The true spirit of your ministry came through.”
Dr. Valentine K. Robinson, Assistant Director, Biblical Arts Center & Museum, Dallas, TX. 
 “As for the debi Story Maddox (art) work displayed at the Biblical Arts Center, we thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition. Many wanted to see other works of hers! Most importantly, it was a pure joy to work with debi and her husband, Michael. They are the ‘real – deal’ genuine people; people of the faith. Their Christianity permeated every ounce of their lives and their work. I recommend them to any who have an appreciation for their works of art.”
Barbara Contini, Manager, Renaissance Cafe, Last Days Ministries, Lindale, TX. 
 “Thank you for presenting Wordivore World at the Renaissance Cafe. The night was an outstanding success, one of my favorite performances at the Cafe! I had already read your book, but seeing and hearing the integrated performance really brought it to life for me. A young man wandered into the Cafe for the first time on the night of your performance and was totally blown away. Your ministry is an exciting part of how God is moving today.”
Rev. O’Neal Hill, Pastor, Floyd Assembly of God, Searcy, AR
 “Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your ministry. It was a real honor for the church. We feel really blessed to know you both. And thanks for all the encouragement from time to time. You are a special family.”
Joetta Keene, Asst. District Attorney, Tarrant County (Fort Worth), TX
 “I believe that Project Peace on Earth, under the leadership of Michael and debi Maddox, will help save as many lives as funding and support will allow. I intend to continue to work with, and refer juveniles to, Project Peace on Earth. I would encourage anyone who is concerned about the future of our society’s young to help Michael and debi continue their hard work.”
Anthony Harris Principal, Eisenhower High School, Decatur, IL.
 “I am writing in response to an assembly that Michael & debi Maddox held at our school. As former graduates of Eisenhower, they were well received and had a clear, positive message for our students. Their presentation used a variety of music and art to keep the students? interest. I was personally very pleased with their style, rapport, and message. The students had many positive comments about the assembly.”
David Wilkerson, World Challenge & Times Square Church, NY, NY
 “I pray that your book, Peace Freak, hits its mark and that many will find Jesus as Savior. Please be assured of my prayers for you and all that you do for the Kingdom.”